Is hair colouring harmful?

Is hair colouring harmful?

Nowadays hair coloring is a cosmetic procedure which is mostly common among women; some men opt for it as well. Not only do we improve the color or cover the gray hair, but we also experiment with colors, which is becoming more and more popular. Hair coloring had become a routine activity, but is it really healthy and doesn’t damage our hair? Not necessarily. Hair dyeing makes the hair dry; however, properly chosen cosmetics and particular hair care allow us to limit the harmful effects.

Risks connected with hair colouring

In the past years we have been observing considerable changes in the ingredients of hair cosmetics, including hair dyes. Some of us surely remember dyes containing ammonia; nowadays it’s difficult to find products with this ingredient. Despite a number of changes in the contents and a great control on the side of the EU institutions, hair dyes can still be harmful to us. People doing hair colouring are exposed to many allergic reactions, that’s why before using any hair dye – even if we have used it before – we should conduct a small test by applying a sample of the product to the skin. It is an extremely important procedure because allergic reactions can lead to itchiness, skin burning and peeling, and even hair loss. Some allergic reactions are also associated with face swelling and puffiness as well as breathing problems.

The condition of the dyed hair

Dyed hair will never be as healthy as the natural one, that’s why it’s worth postponing this procedure as long as possible. The greatest burden for our hair is its bleaching (changing the colour from the dark to blond); however, the fact remains that every colour change considerably burdens the hair stems. Hair colouring also requires some changes in hair care and making sure that the hair is properly nourished and hydrated. The procedure itself is not very harmful to the hair – it is the frequency of hair dyeing which has a negative impact on it.

Where to dye your hair?

When hair dyeing, it’s important to keep balance and common sense. If we decide to colour our hair, the best way is to opt for a specialist who will do it in as harmless way as possible. Hair dyeing at home may end up with hair damaging and excessive dryness.