Artur Kierach is a specialist in diagnosing and treating hair loss by means of only FUE method.

After graduation from Medical University of Silesia he went to Oslo, Norway for almost a year, where he studied the science of trichology.

Later, he moved to Paris, where he spent another 5 years working at Clinique Petrarque, alongside Dr Sydney Ohana at the trichology ward.

After returning to Poland, he has been using the experience in diagnosing, pharmacological treatment and surgical treatment in his daily practice as a doctor.

Having established HairCentre Kierach with branches in Wrocław and Warsaw,
together with his team of specialists he helps patients at initial stages of hair loss and advanced stages of baldness.

He fulfils his willingness to develop constantly and broaden his knowledge by attending annual ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) conferences and visiting the world-leading trichology centres in Japan, Los Angeles, Bangkok and Paris.


Kenichiro Imagawa M.D. FISHRS
Yokobi Clinic, Yokohama, Japan

I would like to recommend Dr. Kierach as a one of the bests hair surgeons all over the world.

First time we have known each other in 2012 at my clinic in Yokohama, Japan when he was travelling around the world to seek after the pearls of hair restoration surgery. He demonstrated cases and gave us the lecture and his technique was excellent and impressive. Since then we attended many international hair meetings as ISHRS ( International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery), AAHRS (Asian Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons), CSHRS (Chinese Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) etc. as the fellow travelers.
I know he was invited to clinics in Paris, Rome because they are convinced that he is experienced, skillful and reliable to put the procedures in his hands. I have been exclusively practicing hair surgery over 25 years but still learned a great deal from his FUE technique, and will be excited to have from him.
Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine

I met Dr. Kierach for the first time in 2017 at the International Congress of the International Society of Hair Restoration in Prague.

I was surprised of his good preparation in hair restoration and all his international experience working in different clinics around the world and attending to all the most important congress and meetings about hair transplant.
Despite his young age, his scientific experience in hair loss surgery is truly strong”
Dr Rozemarijn Van Mondfrans
eClinic, Holland

I would like to recommend Dr Kierach as a great hair transplant surgeon. In his position as a doctor in hair transplant, Dr Kierach is a colleague of mine.

We have met in 2012 at the biggest hair transplant clinic in Oslo at the time, where we were colleagues from 2012-2015. Occasionally we still work together at other clinics and my clinic in Holland. Dr Kierach does an excellent job in this position and is an asset to the different organizations he workes for. He has excellent verbal communication skills towards his clients and is able to follow through to ensure that the job gets done.
During the time working in Oslo, Dr Kierach was responsible for the complete hair transplant procedure. The hair transplant assistants, under Dr Kierach’s management, were responsible for many of the clinics basic surgical functions. Dr Kierach is a member of the ISHRS, international society of hair transplant surgery, which is THE authority on hair transplant in the world. Because of his work in Oslo, Rome and Paris he has developed great experience in hair transplant surgeries.I recommend Dr Kierach for your hair transplant!

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