Unique hair follicles – you also have them!

Unique hair follicles – you also have them!

All the hair we have on our bodies grow out of hair follicles. Every hair follicle consists of two parts – the lower one where the cells are formed, and the so-called funnel which is responsible for the keratosis of the hair. The cells which are formed in the hair bulb, the lower part of the hair follicle, grow and go beyond the epidermis and there they are seen as hair itself. Our hair follicles are really incredible! Why? Here are three features that make them unique and exceptional.

3 in 1, one follicle and up to three single hairs

When reading about hair transplantation, you have probably wondered countless times what distinguished the so-called hair grafts. The grafts are already mentioned during the planning stage of the procedure, when the doctor determines the number of transplants necessary to achieve the desired final effect; those transplants are called grafts. The uninitiated may think that a number of about 1600 grafts may seem small and may not lead to astonishing hair density in the future – it can’t be further from the truth. A graft is nothing more than a hair follicle, which will be implanted in the balding area. One graft will produce a few hairs (usually two or three), so to know an approximate number of hairs, which we will gain thanks to the procedure, we should multiply the number of grafts by 2.3-2.5 times. This will provide us with the number of hairs that will clearly be visible on our heads!

One follicle and two different hair colours

One of the advantages of FUE hair transplant (besides the procedure being painless, leaving no linear scars at the back of the head and the recovery time lasting only a few days) is the naturalness and simplicity of the procedure. The patient has his own hair follicles transplanted – this way we can be almost certain that the transplant will not be rejected by the organism. The transplanted hair is characterised by well-known features such as the same natural colour of our own hair, which we are not able to interfere with. Some hair follicles contain, for example, two black hairs and one grey hair (see photo no. 1). You can’t interfere with nature – as for hair transplant, we need to come to terms with the fact that the regrowing hair will be in the colour appropriate to our age; after the treatment our head will look perfectly natural. Thanks to the doctor’s experience and artistic skills, which greatly affect the planning of the hairline shape, a natural final look is inevitable, which means that… nobody will certainly notice that our healthy-looking hair is the result of an aesthetic medicine doctor’s work!

Hair follicles resistant to dihydrotestosterone

In some cases, dihydrotestosterone, which is a biologically active product of testosterone, has a great influence on the condition of hair follicles. Hair follicles at the back and on the sides of the head are highly resistant to this hormone, therefore hair at the back of the head doesn’t fall out and is suitable for transplantation in the areas prone to balding.  Once we have genetically strong follicles, they can be transplanted practically everywhere over the body. This amazing creation of our body perfectly adapts in a new place, and it is this feature of hair follicles that allows for effective hair transplant – even on the head or chin!